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Finding the perfect favor for the perfect day

Sending you a big congratulations on your special day.

PASO Fragrance is the wedding favor you never knew you needed.

Originally opening our doors for wholesale purchases to local retailers, Fat Barrel Fragrances set out to build a high-end American-Western themed fragrance that captured the romantic essence of Paso de Robles and maintained the aroma of cowboy-happiness. Throughout our launch, we found an increasing demand for wedding favors and event shopping, that allowed us to bring you the opportunity to purchase these aromas for your special occasions.

Located in the heart of El Paso de Robles, which means, "The Pass of the Oaks," Fat Barrel Fragrances invites you to gift the magic of wine country meets cowboy country by choosing Fat Barrel Fragrances as your unique wedding favor for your special day.  Our wide variety of decadent products provide you with the romantic essence of Paso de Robles in a bottle to gift to the guests you love the most, and carry the essence of your special day in a bottle for life. 

Save a bottle for the bride and groom to apply on your first anniversary and take yourselves back to the magical day.

Desert Horse Riding

We take pride in providing high-quality American-Western fragrances that help capture the essence of cowboy country to romanticize and exemplify unity within your special day.

Valerie Leatherwood, Founder