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Unisex and Gender-Fluid Fragrance for the Everyday Cowboy-Country Enthusiast.


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PASO is an earthy fragrance that captures a single moment in time and  place in the American West. Perfumer Valerie Leatherwood imagines the scent of leather, burning wood, opening with a rosewood accord and leading to an intoxicating heart of oud, jasmine, and white gold ambergris.  Amber, suede, and vanilla bean leave a lingering trail that’s warm and addictive.
Suitable for both male and female tastes, our unisex fragrance is the  signature scent of Paso Robles, California.  We do not consider gender identity a rigid and well-defined construct, but a variable that can change over time. 


PASO can be shared and exchanged without distinctions, thus overcoming the  rigid labels "for him" and "for her". 


This is not an innovation, the first unisex perfumes were created in the  seventeenth century with eau de cologne, essences used by both men and  women. Today there has been an evolution and these fragrances have been enriched  with new intense shades such as tobacco, amber, musk, warm woods and  multifaceted marine and ambergris. The result is an unmarked fragrance  that once in contact with the skin expresses their deepest soul and arouse strong emotions. 


Individual Product Size (ML/Ounces): 3ML




Fragrance Oil (Parfum), Denatured Alcohol, Ambergris, Water.


Fragrance Notes

Spicy Notes, Sandalwood, Tobacco Leaf, Leather, Cacao, Vanilla, Agarwood, White Gold Ambergris


Size & Shipping

Product Size (ML/Ounces): 5ML


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PASO 5ML Eau de Parfum Swag Spray with pouch

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